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Biblical Worldview

It is only in the context of the fear of God that genuine knowledge, understanding, and wisdom can be attained. And with this view, teachers guide every conversation in class in the light of the Gospel.

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Dream Outcome

Whether your student's dream is to attend university, join the family business, or go to trade school, they will receive foundational skills, making them strong thinkers, reasoners, and problem solvers that will equip them to do well in personal and work life, graciously articulating what they believe and why they believe from a Biblical worldview.

Student Spotlight: Melba Pearson - Harvard University

The icing on the cake: VSA Graduates consistently receive full-ride college tuition scholarships. In 2022, on average, VSA Diploma graduates received $54,000 in scholarships!


Many families don't know that an accredited Diploma opens up a lot more doors to academic scholarship and financial aid. Veritas is accredited by the Middle States Association-one of the most widely recognized and respected accrediting organizations for just this purpose. Learn more

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Dual Enrollment

Veritas Scholars Academy has partnered with Cairn University to offer dual enrollment credits to full-time (diploma) and part-time students. After successfully completing the course, the student will receive credit from both VSA and Cairn University. There are no additional outside requirements for Veritas students to receive dual credits.

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College Acceptance

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Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar includes important dates such as the start and end of class terms, school holidays and breaks, midterm exams, orientation days, graduation, and more. Note that this calendar is an overview of the school year. Any dates for exams, homework, or other events unique to a particular class will be detailed in each class's quarterly Course Assignment Sheets.

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“If you are thinking of doing the Diploma Program, please don’t get overwhelmed! There are 3 levels. My oldest, who started in 9th grade, tried for Honors Diploma and, after doing Latin twice, moved to the Standard Diploma. My youngest, who started in 4th grade, did the Associate Diploma and did all of the math, including the Calculus classes, as well as 2 College Physics classes. Both were accepted to every school to which they applied, with substantial scholarships. The dual enrollment credits are totally worth it, and every one of them was accepted and transferred. Both of my girls still keep in touch with friends they made at Veritas. It is a remarkable learning community! Their schedules were filled with back-to-back classes, and they didn’t feel overwhelmed, but they did have to stay on top of everything. My youngest was also a Varsity swimmer for her public school and was able to do double practices daily, year-round because she did the Associate Level Diploma. Your students will become voracious readers and excellent writers!”

Jude Dickson

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