Dual Enrollment

Veritas Scholars Academy has partnered with Cairn University to offer dual enrollment credits to full-time (diploma) and part-time students. After successful completion of the course the student will receive credit from both VSA and Cairn University. There are no additional outside requirements for Veritas students to receive dual credits.

*Course names are Veritas Scholars Academy’s. Course numbers after the names are Cairn’s codes.

To qualify for Dual Enrollment, students must:

  • be an enrolled full or part time student
  • be enrolled in the qualifying class(es)
  • be in grades 11 – 12. (Grade 10 by exception only)
  • complete the dual enrollment paperwork
  • complete the course with a 70% or higher.
Register for a Dual Enrollment Course Now

Dual Enrollment (DE) occurs when a VSA student is enrolled in a VSA Live course that is recognized by Cairn University (www.Cairn.edu) as eligible for, and the student applies for, dual enrollment status. After successful completion of the course with a passing grade, the student will receive credit from both VSA and Cairn University. Students who complete a DE course with a grade of 70% or above will receive an official transcript from Cairn University documenting college course credit.

Classes are a full academic year at VSA and registered as a Spring semester course at Cairn University. If needed for college applications, Cairn can provide an Enrollment Verification Letter at a student’s written request. These are available at the end of January of the academic year in which the student is enrolled in the course. Students enrolling with VSA for Dual Enrollment with Cairn University for the first time will receive additional information from Cairn in January/February of the academic year.

Cairn University will provide an academic transcript for DE courses. Transcript requests can be made by visiting Cairn’s Transcript Portal. VSA provides course grades to Cairn University in June. Transcript requests to include current DE grades should be made after June 21st.

Registration Dates

Students must complete the new Dual Enrollment Request registration process and submit payment no later than June 10 for summer courses and no later than November 15 for Sept-May school year courses.

Full-Time: $449 per 3-credit course*

Part-Time: $549 per 3-credit course*

DE courses may be taken by VSA students in their junior and/or senior years. Full-time sophomore students may be approved on a case by case basis. Part-time students must substantiate their date of birth to ensure being in their junior or senior year as a homeschooled student. Dual enrollment credit is not retroactive, i.e., will not be given for courses completed in prior years.

*Calculus I is a six-credit course and costs $898 for Full-Time and $1098 for Part-Time DE credit. VSA DE prices are subject to change during the VSA academic year based on Cairn University per credit price changes.

Please completely review the Dual Enrollment Info Sheet.

What are your Dual Enrollment next steps?

The Parent Guide: Dual Enrollment will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

  1. Register your student’s class for Dual Enrollment from the VSA Account Management site.

  2. If this is the first time taking a Dual Enrollment course, complete the Cairn University Undergraduate Application for Admission from the VSA Account Management site Parent Dashboard.

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