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The Veritas Scholarship

The Purpose 

The purpose of the Veritas Witherspoon Scholarship is to award a major merit-based scholarship to one of the most promising graduates of Veritas Scholars Academy as it partners with Providence Christian College to honor those students who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of Christian, classical learning as they continue their education at the collegiate level. This scholarship secures a spot in the college's most selective scholarship offering, the Witherspoon Scholars Program.


The Veritas Witherspoon Scholarship offers a $24,400+ annual scholarship for four years to attend Providence Christian College as well as the chance to travel the world through a fully-funded excursion to Athens, Jerusalem, Rome, and more.
The Witherspoon Scholar will join a cohort of distinguished students entering their first year at Providence and will be paired with a top Christian leader and professional mentor to personally assist and encourage them for the duration of their undergraduate education. All Witherspoon Scholars will participate in a reading-calendar through the Western Canon and beyond as well as four in-person Great Conversations per semester conducted by members of the faculty. 


To be eligible for this scholarship a student must satisfy the following criteria:

1) Be accepted for admission at Providence Christian College (

2) Possess excellent standardized test scores (SAT: 1200+ or ACT: 25+)

3) Write a 350-500 word essay on one of the following two topics:

  • Describe the greatest challenge currently facing the Republic and how it can be remedied, if at all.
  • Describe why you believe Classical learning to be relevant to a world that is dominated by technology and indifferent to tradition.

4) Submit two letters of recommendation
5) Be a graduate of Veritas Scholars Academy with a standard, honors, or highest honors diploma

Applicants may apply to Providence Christian College by clicking here. Email correspondence may be sent to, and an admissions counselor may be reached at (626) 696-4030. Related physical materials should be sent to:

Admissions Office

Providence Christian College

464 East Walnut St.

Pasadena, CA 91101

*In the event of a successful candidate earning The Veritas Witherspoon Scholarship, the candidate would not be eligible for additional institutional aid. 

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