The King's College
Veritas Presidential Scholarship


The purpose of the Veritas Presidential Scholarship is to direct a major merit-based scholarship to one of the most promising graduates of Veritas Scholars Academy as it partners with The King’s College to help fulfill its mission of transforming society by preparing students for careers in which they help to shape and eventually lead strategic public and private institutions. With its commitment to the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview, our graduates are prepared to lead with principle as they aspire to make America better.


The Veritas Presidential Scholarship is a $24,000 per year four year renewable scholarship to attend The King’s College. The scholarship is among the highest merit-based awards a student can receive at The King’s College.


To be eligible for this fellowship a student must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Be accepted for admission at The King’s College (early action)
    1. Deadline for application and supporting documentation is November 2nd
    2. Recipient of scholarship announced no later than December 15th
    3. Must secure scholarship through enrollment deposit on or before December 15th
  2. Write an 800-word essay about how your experiences at Veritas Scholars Academy have prepared you for leadership. Submit to your admissions counselor.
  3. Have a SAT composite score of 1400 or ACT composite score of 30+
  4. Have a demonstrated record of leadership – to be determined by review of application for admission, essay (#2) and entrance interview.
  5. Be a graduate of Veritas Scholars Academy with a standard, honors, or highest honors diploma.


The application for admission can be found at

In the event of a successful candidate earning TKC scholarships in addition to The Veritas Press Presidential Scholarship, The Veritas Press Presidential Scholarship would exceed and eliminate all other scholarships.

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