What Does the Diploma Program Cost?

Unlike "bricks and mortar" private Christian schools, VSA's Diploma Program does not have a single, flat cost. Rather, we offer flexibility to families so that cost and schedule can best fit their needs.

Diploma pricing is made up of 3 categories:


Each year, there is an enrollment fee based on your grade and service level. View service level options HERE.

Grammar School:
      Classic Level - $220
      Premium Level - $500

Secondary School:
      Classic Level - $260
      Premium Level - $525


Each student will take roughly six courses each year in secondary school. View tracks and credits required HERE.

Live Online Courses (except science and some senior-level courses) - $649
Secondary School - $599 Grammar School
Self-Paced Courses - $179 - 295
You Teach Courses - $345 ($395 for Biology & Chemistry)


Curriculum costs vary depending on courses taken.
Diploma students are required to take an annual standardized test at a cost of $50 per student.


The total cost is typically less than half of other private schools.

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