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Veritas' roots are as a K-12 curriculum provider to homeschool families and private Christian schools. After 10 years of assisting families choose the best curriculum for their children and navigate the difficult landscape of not only preparing for college but for life beyond college, we realized that with new technology we could help our families even more.

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Take the Stress out of Making Academic Decisions

No more worrying!

Over the years, we saw a common theme - parents always wondered if they were doing "enough," if they were "on the right track," and if their children would be "ready for college." On top of that, they were constantly asking questions around the college application process because it can be confusing, especially for homeschooled students. After years observing and helping families in limited ways, we were finally able to do something about it with the Veritas Scholars Academy Diploma Program.

Experience you can trust

After being accepted to the VSA Diploma Program, each student is assigned a dedicated Academic Consultant to keep your student on track to not just graduate but to excel based on their unique interests and learning style. As a parent, you can stop losing sleep wondering if you're doing "enough."

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On average over $22,000 in college scholarships and grants ACCEPTED by EACH of our graduates last year.


Many families don't know that an accredited Diploma opens up a lot more doors to academic scholarship and financial aid. Veritas is accredited by the Middle States Association-one of the most widely recognized and respected accrediting organizations for just this purpose. Learn more

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Student Spotlight: Melba Pearson - Harvard University

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Other Benefits

These are other benefits you will have access to with us.

Dual Enrollment Credits
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Dedicated Consultant
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Access to 6 exclusive academic scholarships offered only to VSA graduates
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An MSA accredited Diploma
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